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Replica Vault standard for Data Fortress and Replica Client 

Replica Vault is included FREE with Data Fortress or Replica Client. This is a secure workspace which you can log into from Explorer or My Computer on windows systems. This opens a file system which looks like a standard directory structure with files contained in them. These files are actually stored within the Replica Database so although you can interact with them as though they are simply sitting within a directory they are securely encrypted inside the database. When you need to open a document you just dble click as you normally would and the document is opened.

Replica Innovation for Network Design

The traditional design for a computer network is to centralise all of the important data onto one or more file servers. The file server has user directories which are intended to hold the data for each individual user. The reason this is done is primarily so these user directories can be backed up to tape. It is also a way of sharing data between users This setup has always been a contentious issue between IT and network users. Users want to have their data on their workstation and this is the reason that 60% of enterprise data resides on workstations. Users would rather risk losing this data than store it on the file server.

“When the file server fails, everyone stops working...”

When the file server fails, everyone stops working for several hours while the server is rebuilt. No one can connect to the 40% of user data which is stored on the file server and commonly used files which are normally shared from the file server are now unavailable. The data is backed up to tape and so the IT team will rebuild the server and provided the tapes are in good condition they will be able to recover the data from the file server. That’s the good news, the bad news is the company just got hit with a serious expense. Add to this expense the fact that the file server was backed up last night and so an entire days data has been lost.

When a workstation drive dies, the problem is likely to be much more serious. Many workstations are never backed up, and when backups do occur they are usually infrequent. So when the sales manager loses their drive just as they are putting the finishing touches to a vital presentation document, they go looking for IT people to explain to them why they aren’t going to meet their deadline or their meeting.

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“...users are able to continue working, this is no longer a vulnerable point of failure...”

Replica has all the answers you need to solve this problem. A Replica Server is essentially a server running a Replica database which will hold encrypted and compressed copies of all of the enterprise data. With the Replica system, you can replace the file servers with Replica Servers and safely give users what they have always wanted - their data on their PC. Now when a server dies, no one even notices, except of course the IT department. Since all user data is kept on workstations and then replicated to Replica servers, users are able to continue working. There is no longer this vulnerable point of failure. Shared files can be accessed immediately from the offsite Replica Server. If a user loses a drive then they can simply log onto their file system on the Replica server from any workstation and connect to their data.

What would we be able to do for the sales manager in our example? Well, we would install Replica secure laptop for him so that not only is his presentation available from his laptop or from the network he has every version of the presentation that has been created and the presentation can be protected from theft by using Replica Anti Theft in case the laptop is stolen.

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“Replica uses a database to store data”

Replica uses a database to store data and the database replicates itself to other Replica databases so data is always connectable and available. You may know that an accounting system uses a database and that you can ask the database very complex questions about the accounts stored within it and it answers almost immediately. That is essentially what happens with a Replica Server, it makes all of your enterprise data as easy and as accessible as data is in your financial application running on a database.

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“Collaboration takes care of your file sharing needs with the kind of security you have always wanted”

Replica Collaboration takes care of your file sharing needs with the kind of security you have always wanted. Managing security on user directories on a file server has always been a nightmare and is often not done at all. Replica security on collaboration directories (these are virtual directories which exist only within the database) not only manages access they manage read and write privileges as well as maintaining an audit trail for edits.

A Replica network answers all of the serious problems you need to resolve on your network to be protected, productive and secure.

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