ReplicaUSB Case study published in The Australian - August 2008 - Click here to view the article.


Data on USB

ReplicaUSB is a system on a stick which allows rigorous information security policies to be extended to what is often the most vulnerable information held by organisations – mobile data.


ReplicaUSB – which just won the 2008 NSW iAward for security applications – provides a truly secure mobile data solution supporting 3-factor user authentication, encrypted USB storage, replication and offsite back-up.


With ReplicaUSB, the role of the flash drive is transformed – the product is the first to store encrypted file data into a database, running in a virtualised environment on the USB. No installation or access to the host computer’s registry or hard drive is required.


All data managed by Replica is encrypted to the 256-bit Rijndael Advanced Encryption Standard and stored within a Common Criteria Level 3 Certified database, InterSystems Caché.


ReplicaUSB allows backup to both the USB and a secondary offsite location, secure transport of sensitive files from one computer to another and secure collaboration.


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