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Replica assumes servers have been hacked and secures data in absolute terms based on this assumption.

Replica Servers automatically replicate data to other Replica Servers as a function of  Replica Virtual Replication. There is no limit to the size of the replication chain.

Replica uses a sophisticated database to store enterprise data in multiple locations, moving  your data away from a single point of failure (a file server) to numerous points of access.

Replica Data is living data-it can be accessed, edited, secured and searched by authorized users, ensuring that the intellectual property of the enterprise is never lost.

Replica data servers run the Replica database which contains backed up data and collaboration files. The purpose of the Replica server is to aggregate data and also to replicate data to other Replica Servers for disaster recovery. There is no limit to the number of Replica servers you can have in a Replication chain.

Take the case of a company which has several offices in each of several countries. Replica servers can be installed at each site. Each office is backed up to the Replica server in that office and then the data is replicated to an offsite server. This could be a server in one of the other offices in the country or a main offsite server which gathers the data from replica servers in each office in the country and then replicates this aggregated data to a main server in another country. The possibilities are endless and so flexible that practically any custom requirement can be met.

The Replica system compresses data and creates small compressed difference files for edited files. This means that after the initial backup, the data transmitted between servers is effectively compressed more than 99% and the cost of moving the data is very low.

A Replica Server can be used to host Replica Collaboration. This involves creating virtual directories which exist only in the database. From the Replica Client they appear as shared folders, just as they would with active directory file sharing. When users log on, Replica knows which shared folders they have permissions to, including read and write privileges on files. The system also maintains an audit trail for activity on Collaboration directories. Replica Collaboration servers can share files securely over the internet.


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