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Solving the Mobile Data Security Challenge
(How to keep your sensitive data off the evening news)

Identity thefts and losses of intellectual property have been a feature item in the news for the last 12 months. These data losses are not the result of cloak and dagger industrial espionage, but are often due to simple laptop theft and loss.

The traditional solution for managing mobile data has been a balancing act between limiting the amount of sensitive information that a user has access to on the one hand. And on the other hand, ensuring they (the user) have access to all the information required to perform their job.

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How do we balance the power of the mobile worker with the liability of mobile data?

Replica has developed a secure laptop solution that removes the need for the balancing act. Replica enables the user to have access to all the information they need, and at the same time ensures that this same information is secured, backed up and centrally managed.

Replica has achieved this solution by placing a database on the laptop and then moving the directory structure and files into this database. The database itself is encrypted and automatically backs up to the master database inside your company. It does this by first backing up all local files and storing them in the local encrypted database. As soon as a viable connection to the master database is detected any changes that have been made to the individual files are transmitted back to the master database. Replica recognises that security of your data is paramount and in addition to the database being encrypted, all data transfers are encrypted with the latest 256bit Rijndael standard.

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Anti-Theft takes the security of your data to the next level.

With the implementation of the Replica Secure Laptop solution, an additional level of security called Replica Anti-Theft becomes available. Anti-Theft takes the security of your data to the next level. Documents can now be “checked in” to the database. After they are “checked in” to the encrypted database, the hard drive location they came from is scrubbed to US DoD standards preventing any recovery of the data by unauthorised users. Because the data is held in the local encrypted database it is secure, because the database is local, the documents are still available to the authorised user.

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More than 75% of remote users backup their data once a month or less

With Replica your laptop data is safely and automatically managed. With policy driven automation a laptop can be backed up as often as every 15 minutes. With the location of the database on the laptop, even an offline user can restore a corrupted or deleted file without the need to establish a connection to the master database. With the implementation of a master database within your company it is now possible to see at a glance what information is held on the laptop, even if the laptop is offline.

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Lost and Found?

A Loss and Recovery Scenario without Replica:

  • User reports lost laptop to his internal IT department.
  • User is unable to report exactly what sensitive data was on the hard drive.
  • User is without a laptop until the newly imaged laptop is created, mailed and received.
  • User is unable to recreate the data which was stored on the lost laptop.
  • User hopes that their laptop falls into the 2% of recovered laptops.
  • IT begins damage control; drafting “warning of potential compromise” letter to clients.

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A possible Loss and Recovery with Replica Data Security

  • User reports lost laptop to his internal IT department while on international travel.
  • IT approves user to immediately acquire any supported laptop.
  • User purchases laptop at the local electronics store and securely logs on to the corporate network.
  • User securely recreates their laptop as it was at the last automated backup, which probably was at the hotel the previous night.
  • Data on the missing laptop is not vulnerable as it has been erased from the Windows File System to US DoD Standards and stored in an encrypted database.
  • The IT department is not required to draft “warning of potential compromise” letters to clients or deal with regulatory violations.

Replica Security; providing security for what users do in the real world

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