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How secure is my data?

All data is compressed and then encrypted with the 256 bit Rijndael standard of encryption prior to any data transfers. In addition to this the database itself is encrypted with this same level of encryption. Data that is “checked in” via the Anti-Theft capabilities of Replica is deleted from the hard drive to US Department of Defence standards.

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Will this affect my network?

No. After the initial snapshot of the data, Replica uses the NTFS change journal to enable incremental data management. This is then coupled with advanced patching technology to ensure that only the changed information is backed up. All data is compressed and encrypted prior to any data transmission.

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How safe is my data against viruses?

Because your data is stored within a database any viruses transmitted to the database are rendered inert. This means that there is no risk of the virus infecting other files within the database as the whole database is a non-executable environment. You can choose to delete the infected file from the database at your leisure

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