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Aren’t there lots of security and backup alternatives – what’s special about Replica?

There are numerous tactical alternatives for any one of the many backup, security and management problems that plague mobile data. Indeed, enterprise I.T. organizations and individual end-users can be overwhelmed by the considerable time and effort required to manage and execute all the technologies and tasks required to address the needs of mobile data. Even for organizations committed to the rigors of executing the numerous tasks required, these tactical solutions are inefficient and not sufficiently effective, leaving the enterprise and individual users compromised.

With Replica, mobile data immediately and transparently becomes comprehensively managed, secured and backed up with a single, strategic solution. Enterprises around the world increasingly turn to Replica to achieve performance results that can equal or even exceed typical mission critical, enterprise standards for data that moves from desks, to desks, to homes, to airports and more.

Most importantly, these strategic breakthrough capabilities are provided automatically, without requiring end-user management involvement, and end-user participation has long been the black-hole that sabotages the best of intentions with traditional tactical alternatives.

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What do you mean by “virtual data” – doesn’t the data exist?

That’s the brilliance of the Replica solution. To the end user, the data always appears to exists, and often (but not always) it does exist locally. – Yet if your laptop is stolen this data is not accessible to anyone else, meanwhile, you can immediately access this data on a corporate desktop or your new or loaner notebook. That’s Mobile Data Management.

Your data is continuously backed up, it’s transparent to the user, and it is “locked down” as encrypted meaningless bit streams on the PC. You can even have multiple “versions” of the data available, effectively a back up of all the prior versions of your document.

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Doesn’t the overhead of managing mobile data overwhelm any benefits?

That’s the other brilliance of Replica! Traditionally, moving large files across networks might have been acceptable (though not desirable) for desktops, but can overwhelm mobile PCs, which often connect erratically and over varying bandwidth.

Replica brings a breakthrough for mobile data where traditional alternatives fall so short. At the core of Replica’s breakthrough is the fact that your data is now stored in a database. Replica has moved the file system in to the database.
While traditional alternatives move and manage massive files, Replica leverages advanced object technologies to deliver the breakthroughs in performance that open new avenues for solutions, and thereby uniquely drive the Replica Mobile Data Management breakthrough solution.

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Who are your competitors?

Our two biggest competitors are “do nothing” and “do it yourself” (DIY).

Most companies cobble together some form of security, backup, and management DIY solution, and they vary across the board on how mature a solution they have built.

Companies usually “do nothing” because they are not aware of a comprehensive solution such as Replica and they understand the huge pitfalls of DIY.

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