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 Data Management

What sort of Database is used?

Replica currently uses the Intersystems Cache database. This is a post-relational bit-mapped database that delivers exceptionally fast response to complex queries. Quick updating enables real-time data analysis whilst maintaining high-performance transaction processing

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What about open files?

Replica offers you the ability to manage, backup and secure all file types, including open files. This includes such file types as the PST files used by Outlook. There is now no need to close files down so that a backup can take place. Replica can be set to backup your open files as often as every 15 minutes.

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Do I need to Logon/Logoff so that it will work?

No. Replica does not require you to logoff or logon to manage your data. Replica will backup and secure your data regardless if the machines are logged on or off. Either way your data is secure and backed up.

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How often is my data backed up?

Your data can be backed up as often as every 15 minutes, 24 hours 7 days a week.

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Can I keep working if my workstation crashed or I lost my laptop?

Yes. Because Replica manages your data it is free of any single point of failure. This means that if your workstation crashes you can simply move workstations, login and continue to work. If your laptop is unavailable through theft or loss, the data is still available to you. You can simply login via a local workstation or borrowed laptop and continue working.

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Do my users require any special training to use Replica?

No. Replica is designed so that end user involvement is no longer required in order for your data to be backed up. Replica uses policy based controls so that all of your data can be administered from a central point. Your end users can have as much or as little control as you desire. The choice is yours.

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