ENTERPRISE Send-It Confidential

In a typical Enterprise, the data is fragmented and completely out of the control of the Enterprise. Users ignore corporate policy and keep their own data on their own desktops or laptops, where it is backed up infrequently or not at all, and bypasses whatever data security policies the enterprise has in place. Senior management will often keep data on home computers or removable media which are never backed up, and this data is essentially lost to the enterprise when a manager leaves the company.


Replica brings Enterprise Data back under the control of the Enterprise. All enterprise data is securely replicated to a centralized location with no user intervention, giving management the ability to:


  • See what files are kept on a user’s desktop or laptop
  • View different versions of the files on a user’s desktop or laptop over time
  • Search the entire enterprise for copies of a particular file


And because Replica is completely flexible, the data belonging to top management can be secured so that only the manager has access to their own data.


The data belonging to an Enterprise is one of its most important strategic assets. Replica is the only system that allows you to fully utilize this important asset. Replica turns your enterprise data into living data and provides you with unprecedented access and security.


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