2008 iAwards
Replica Data Security wins NSW security applications iAward for 2008.
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Replica Data Security wins 2006 Consensus Innovation Award.
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March 2009
Replica Version 5 Launch
 Jan 2011

Send-It Confidential

Send-It Confidential Launched. Secure, unlimited messaging system.


Replica wins NSW State Parliament Contract


Replica Data Security develop and market comprehensive security software solutions internationally. Replica Virtual Replication is a unique solution to the toughest IT security challenges facing the industry today. The Replica solution delivers breakthrough technology for an increasingly urgent industry need, data protection and secure management of mobile data, communication and workstation file systems.

60% of Enterprise Data now resides on PCs

Over 60% of enterprise data now resides on PCs and more and more enterprise PCs are mobile. Increasingly, this mobile data represents some of the most important, sensitive and difficult to recreate data in the enterprise. Yet mobile data is among the least secure and least well managed of all enterprise assets. 

Problems Range from annoying to catastrophic when data is lost or stolen.

Problems range from annoying to catastrophic when mobile data becomes inaccessible, lost, stolen, or destroyed. Often these problems plague individual users, but more and more they significantly impact the enterprise itself. 

…managing this crucial asset has turned strategic…

As mobile data grows exponentially, securing, backing up, and managing this crucial corporate asset has turned strategic. Yet few companies have a strategic solution for mobile data management. Replica offers companies a quick to implement, comprehensive mobile data management solution.

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